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Child therapy at GroundWork Counseling in Orlando can be a wonderful way for your child to explore, grow, and find solutions. Our child therapists utilize an integrative and collaborative approach when working with children ages 7+Cognitive Behavioral Therapy integrated with a playful approach are utilized for younger children to help them find solutions, increase coping skills, and tell their story.

Children and families often face challenging times and it can be difficult finding support. If your child is highly emotional, anxious, withdrawn, or exhibiting undesirable behaviors at home or school, counseling can be the help and support you’ve been looking for. With young children, a child therapist will work with children and their families through interactive therapy while working together to form solutions and new skills through a cognitive behavioral perspective.

Specialized CBT And Children

At GroundWork in Orlando our child therapists specialize in adapting CBT so that kids can learn these valuable tools that will serve them well throughout their life. CBT therapy can help children in a number of ways; CBT helps children identify, challenge, and change their thinking patterns or behaviors that are causing them distress. CBT can be used to help kids gain insight into their thoughts and feelings, develop problem-solving skills, manage difficult emotions, set appropriate boundaries and foster healthier relationships. It also helps kids learn how to regulate their emotions better, which can lead to improved confidence and self-esteem. CBT can empower children by giving them more control over the way they think about themselves and perceive situations. This can ultimately give them the tools they need to handle future challenges in healthy ways. Child therapists are experienced professionals who can create a safe and supportive platform for children to express themselves, allowing them to gain valuable insight into their own behavior. Through child therapy, kids learn more effective ways of dealing with stress and challenging situations, as well as how to manage their emotions in a healthy way. With the right support and guidance, children can overcome emotional difficulties and gain the resilience needed to reach their potential.

By helping children regulate their feelings better, CBT can also help build stronger relationships with family members and peers. CBT encourages children to take responsibility for their actions while teaching them empathy and understanding of others’ perspectives. Ultimately, CBT provides the skills necessary for kids to be successful adults by building self-confidence and helping them develop positive coping mechanisms to manage future stressors. Child therapy can provide an invaluable service to help kids become healthier, happier individuals.
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