Orlando Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

psychologist orlando, cognitive behavioral therapy orlando, orlando cbt therapistAt GroundWork Counseling, our clinicians are trained in, and utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), to help clients overcome a variety of presenting challenges. CBT is a highly researched, and evidenced-based form of therapy that has been proven to be an effective form of treatment for a number of psychological problems. Studies have found cognitive behavioral therapy to be the treatment of choice for anxiety, depression, ADD/ADHD, phobias, OCD, unmet goals, relationship difficulties, frustration and unhappiness with life in general as well as a number of other emotional difficulties. An overwhelming amount of data supports CBT treatment.

With the foundation of a supportive and encouraging relationship, our trained and CBT-certified counselors are dedicated to working with each individual at their own pace, offering cognitive behavioral therapy tools in an atmosphere of warmth and caring. GroundWork Counseling provides CBT based therapy for individuals, women, teens, and children.

Are You Struggling With Anxiety or OCD?

At The Center For Anxiety & OCD at GroundWork Counseling we provide CBT and Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) to individuals struggling with OCD, anxiety, and related disorders, which research continually confirms is the most effective treatment for these disorders.

What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

Unlike many other types of therapy, Orlando Cognitive Behavioral Therapy at GroundWork Counseling does not spend a lengthy amount of time focusing on early childhood experiences or past traumas, but instead it is present-focused, active, and very goal-oriented and solution focused. Our Orlando CBT Therapist will want to know how your past may have influenced you, but will generally focus on your thoughts in the here-and-now. Cognitive behavioral therapy emphasizes the importance of how our thinking patterns influence us and through CBT, clients learn to identify, dispute and replace their unhealthy thoughts and beliefs with healthier thoughts that encourage emotional well-being and resiliency.

Because most emotional and behavioral distress is caused by our unhealthy thoughts about our selves, our situations, and our relationships, cognitive behavioral therapy works to actively change our unhelpful thoughts, feelings and behaviors so that we may become our own best resource to better handle life’s challenges and solve life’s problems. In short, the goal of cognitive behavioral therapy is to help us see problems more clearly so that we may respond to them more effectively.

Finding Effective Therapy
Studies confirm that people often believe that they are receiving Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) from their mental health professional when in fact they are not. Research repeatedly verifies that other types of therapy are less effective in treating anxiety, depression, and OCD, and it is widely recognized that CBT is the most effective treatment for these issues. When pursuing CBT therapy, we highly suggest clients seek out a clinician who has been specifically trained in CBT, and interview their provider as to where they received this post-graduate training.


Orlando Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Is:

  • Briefer. CBT can be much briefer than traditional talk therapies. The average number of sessions is approximately 16, whereas other types of therapy can take years.
  • Supportive. CBT therapists understand that change can be difficult and CBT therapists recognize that offering support and empathy is crucial. A supportive relationship is the foundation of the therapeutic relationship.
  • Goal-oriented. Unlike many traditional talk therapies, Orlando CBT Therapy focuses on solving problems that keep the client from achieving his/her goals. Goals can include reducing feelings of anxiety or depression, finding a job or getting along better with a romantic partner. Once the goal is met, the client and his CBT therapist will move on to another goal or collaboratively decide to end therapy.
  • Active. With cognitive behavioral therapy, the client and CBT therapist work together as a team. Instead of hoping that problems will get better from talking about them week after week, the client takes an active role in treatment by completing homework and self-help assignments between sessions, which speeds up the process of change.
  • Evidence Based. Cognitive behavioral therapy is the most widely researched therapy of all therapeutic approaches, and found to be a scientifically proven method of treatment for a variety of disorders. Over 500 research studies have confirmed the efficacy of CBT for many types of psychological issues. Cognitive behavioral therapy is one of the few types of therapy that have been scientifically supported to be effective in treating anxiety, depression, OCD, as well as a variety of other challenges.


How Can CBT Help You?
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