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Orlando Teen Counseling & Therapy

groundwork counseling teen therapyOrlando Teen Counselors at GroundWork are committed to helping your teen and your family
during this potentially difficult developmental stage.

Is your teenager withdrawn, sad, lonely, depressed, or anxious?  Is he or she experimenting with drugs or alcohol?  Is your son or daughter running with an undesirable peer group or engaging in negative behaviors?  Does your teen have trouble fitting in, or suffer from low self-esteem?  Is your intelligent teen unmotivated and underperforming in school?

You’re not alone.  Teenagers and parents of today are dealing with unprecedented levels of pressure and stress, which can be particularly challenging for both teens and their families. During adolescence, teens  begin to test their parent’s rules, ethics, authority, values, morals, and just about everything else that is important to their parents. Healthy development during the teen years depends on and is greatly influenced by the teen feeling supported, understood, respected, and trusted but more often than not, the teen pulls away from his parents just when he or she needs guidance most – this is where we come in.
At Groundwork we have therapists that specialize in, and exclusively work with children and adolescents.

How Can Counseling Help Your Teen?

At GroundWork Counseling, we specialize in working with teens struggling with OCDSeparation Anxiety DisorderSocial AnxietySchool RefusalSpecific PhobiasPanic Attacks, and Generalized Anxiety DisorderBecause the main feature that keeps anxiety going is avoidance of a feared situation, our therapists help your child to challenge this avoidance with a step-by-step method that gradually exposes them to the situation or thing they fear, helping your teen to grow in confidence each time.

Adolescent counselors at Groundwork also work with teens struggling with ADHD, Aspergers Syndrome, depression, defiance, anger, substance-use, peer challenges, self-harm, social-media overuse, school challenges, family relationship problems, adjustment to family divorce and separation, and behavioral problems. Teens are often open to accepting help from a trustworthy adult in a safe environment where it can be  easier for them to discuss complicated issues and feelings they may not feel comfortable sharing with parents.

Utilizing a cognitive behavioral (CBT) approach, GroundWork Counseling’s therapists, counselors, and psychologists can help teens to discover their unhelpful beliefs and actions, and using a step-by-step approach, work with the teen to create positive change.  This method helps teenagers to develop better judgment and healthier decision-making skills so they can begin to consider future goals and plans and live a more balanced life.

Orlando Teen Counseling at Groundwork can help teens move past the hardships of adolescents, encourage positive change, and help teens begin to interact with their families in healthy ways once again. It is our counselor’s goal to reach teenagers and their families before they’re in crisis.


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What We Treat


Panic Disorder

Hair pulling / Skin picking



Mood swings / Emotional disregulation

Poor self-esteem

Undesirable peer influences / peer group

Disengaged from family

Lack of motivation

Inadequate academic performance

Lack of goal setting

Withdrawing from friends and family



Communication challenges

Social challenges

Manipulative behaviors


Bullying or being bullied

Using substances or alcohol


Grief, trauma, and bereavement

Cutting and self-harm

Issues from family divorce and separation

Internet / social media overuse

Body image issues

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