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Virtual / Telehealth Therapy – FAQ

Do you provide virtual therapy? 
GroundWork Counseling is pleased to provide virtual sessions to current and new clients residing in Florida.

What ages do you see virtually? 
We provide telehealth therapy for ages 9+. For parents seeking support for younger children parenting sessions can be provided.

What Therapeutic approaches do you use virtually? 
Our therapists use CBT and ERP virtually.

Do you not see certain populations virtually? 
We do not see actively suicidal patients virtually. We also do not provide virtual couples therapy.

What are the fees for virtual therapy / Can I use insurance? 
Virtual therapy is billed at the same rate as in-person visits; please view our rates & information page for additional information on our rates and insurance policies.

How do I meet with my therapist for a virtual appointment? 
GroundWork Counseling is proud to utilize a HIPAA compliant, secure and specialized telehealth software for virtual sessions. You will be provided a website address when your appointment is confirmed, you simply login, and your therapist will start the appointment.

Do I need anything specific for a virtual appointment? 
You need a confidential environment, and a strong internet connection.

Is virtual as effective as in-person visits?
Telehealth offers the same evidence-based therapy that is available in office visits, making it a more accessible and convenient option for those receiving therapy. Studies have shown that telehealth therapy can be as effective as in-person therapy sessions.

What if I feel like its awkward? 
This can be a common concern regarding virtual appointments; be assured that our therapists have significant experience (over 4+ years) providing virtual appointments, and will make you feel extremely comfortable with the format.

Are there benefits of virtual therapy? 
Over the past years our therapists have discovered that virtual therapy can be extremely beneficial to certain populations, specially those with phobias and OCD. This is because virtual therapy acts similar to a “home visit” and therapy can be provided in the client’s natural environment.

What disorders/challenges do you see virtually?

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Virtual therapy options available for individuals residing in Florida.

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