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Virtual OCD Therapy & Exposure Response Prevention (ERP)

At GroundWork Counseling we are proud to offer virtual OCD therapy specializing in evidence-based ERP and CBT therapy. GroundWork provides virtual appointments for clients residing in Florida, Maine, Vermont, Montana and South Carolina.

Virtual telehealth therapy is an effective and convenient way to receive specialized OCD treatment. From the start of COVID-19 GroundWork Counseling’s OCD Therapists transitioned to a fully virtual treatment model for OCD, we discovered that OCD patients were able to benefit significantly from OCD treatment through telehealth, just as much, if not more than with in-person care.

GroundWork Counseling has helped many patients make rapid progress towards their goals utilizing traditional ERP therapy delivered virtually. Virtual OCD treatment through telehealth allows for targeted and specialized OCD treatment; providing real time exposures in their natural environment; similar to a home visit with a specialist.

Newly released research has confirmed this, stating that OCD patients can experience the same positive outcomes from telehealth ERP therapy as in-person OCD treatment.

Benefits of Virtual OCD Therapy / ERP

    1. Ability to engage in ERP therapy in the natural environment – Instead of therapists assigning clients to engage in ERP at home following an appointment, or manufacturing ERP in the office, therapists offering virtual sessions are able to provide ERP with the client with their actual OCD triggers at home.
    2. Ability to engage in ERP in real time – Clients can show their unique OCD triggers and receive ERP in real time. This is especially helpful for OCD clients who are struggling with both intrusive thoughts and compulsive behaviors.
    3. A home visit without the additional fees – Previously, ERP therapists would offer home visits, this would cost significantly more as clients were responsible for paying for an extended session, and travel time for the therapist both to and from their location.
    4. Convenience – Telehealth OCD treatment can be done from the comfort of one’s home, eliminating added time to travel to the office and back. OCD patients can receive OCD treatment more easily.
    5. Access – OCD patients can access OCD treatment specialists who may otherwise be out of reach due to their location.
    6. Parental involvement – ERP therapists are able to have parents or spouses participate in therapy at their own home, making it more convenient for multiple members of the family

In order to receive effective, evidence-based OCD therapy it is important to seek the help of an OCD specialist. Through virtual sessions, patients can participate in evidence-based cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) treatments such as Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP), which is proven to be one of the most successful forms of OCD treatment available today. With telehealth technology, OCD sufferers are able to receive high-quality care from a specialist without the need for in-person appointments. There is a considerable shortage of OCD specialists in the country and telehealth improves this access to a qualified therapist.

GroundWork Counseling’s OCD therapists are highly specialized in OCD, and offer virtual OCD therapy with ERP and CBT. In addition to OCD treatment, GroundWork OCD therapists provide support to OCD sufferers and their families, helping them manage OCD symptoms. More information on telehealth

If you are looking for OCD treatment in Florida, please contact GroundWork Counseling today and receive OCD treatment with ERP through telehealth.

*GroundWork provides virtual appointments for clients residing in Florida, Maine, Vermont, Montana and South Carolina.


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