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Specialized OCD Therapy & ERP Near Burlington VT

At GroundWork Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, we provide OCD Therapy to clients residing in Burlington Vermont and surrounding areas via Telehealth. We understand the frustration and difficulty that can come with living with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD); therapists use evidence-based therapy such as Exposure Response Prevention (ERP) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to help clients manage their symptoms, and gain freedom from their OCD. Our practice specializes in providing high-quality, personalized treatment to adults and children who are struggling with OCD.

OCD Therapy in Burlington, Vermont and surrounding areas

It can be difficult finding a true OCD specialist; we’re here to help. Our practice provides individualized treatment rooted in effective, empirically based treatment approaches. Our therapists provide a supportive and understanding environment, and are highly experienced in treating OCD, which allows us to help our clients find new ways of responding to their OCD, and decrease the anxiety associated with obsessions.

If you, or your family member is seeking specialized OCD therapy in Vermont, using ERP and CBT, contact GroundWork Cognitive Behavioral Therapy today. We are here to help you take control of your OCD and achieve freedom from its symptoms.

Our Approach To OCD Treatment & How We’re Different

GroundWork is a boutique therapy practice offering virtual therapy to residents of Vermont – we’re dedicated to providing the highest quality of care and personalized attention to our clients.

At GroundWork we provide a personalized and specialized approach to therapy through an evidenced-based practice. We strive to provide expert, specialized, and compassionate treatment to adults, teens, children, families and couples. GroundWork Counseling offers practical, goal-oriented therapy to help you and your loved ones make positive changes in your lives. We specialize in evidence-based, cognitive-behavioral therapy for anxiety, OCD, panic, and challenges specific to women. At GroundWork Counseling we will empower you with the tools necessary to manage life’s challenges, take control of your life, and reach your goals. We can help you increase positive emotions, optimism and resilience while letting go of unhelpful thoughts, emotions and behaviors.

Have You Found Previous Therapy Minimally Effective, or Even Ineffective?

Studies confirm that people often believe that they are receiving Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) from their mental health professional when in fact they are not. Research repeatedly verifies that other types of therapy are less effective in treating anxiety and OCD and it is widely recognized that CBT is the most effective treatment for anxiety and OCD. OCD and Anxiety disorders are complex and require treatment from clinicians who have been specifically trained in CBT for these issues.

Our team of therapists specialize in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), a highly focused, short-term type of therapy that has been proven to be the treatment of choice for many types of challenges. Research has repeatedly found that CBT is the most effective type of treatment for anxiety, dissatisfaction with life, depression as well as many other emotional problems. Unlike most other types of therapy that typically focus on early childhood experiences and past traumas, CBT is focused on the present and is goal-oriented and active. CBT utilizes self-help skills such as take-home assignments to dynamically change thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Because treatment is so active and focused, improvement typically takes place much sooner than in other talk therapies and as a result, CBT helps to end treatment sooner and teaches you to become your own best resource to solve problems. Research on the effectiveness of CBT has been overwhelming, making CBT the treatment of choice.

Finding The Right Help

GroundWork provides ERP therapy to clients residing in Vermont; we specialize in evidence-based treatment for individualschildren, and teens struggling with anxiety, OCD, and related disorders. Anxiety disorders are the most common of all psychological problems and the good news is, they are also very highly treatable using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Therapists at GroundWork Counseling utilize cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), an evidence-based treatment method that has received compelling research confirmation as an effective approach in the treatment of anxiety disorders. CBT focuses on the premise that our behavior and emotions are unduly influenced by our constant stream of thoughts and by how we choose to view situations. Anxiety disorders are the most common of all psychological problems and the good news is, they are also very highly treatable using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

It is important to interview your prospective therapist to find out if they are trained in CBT, and where they received their training. Some therapists are better at treating anxiety disorders than others. Their answers to your questions will be a good guide for you. You can begin by asking them about what types of techniques they use to treat anxiety. If the therapist doesn’t mention Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), or if they are vague, use caution. Be cautious of therapists who say that they use CBT but who won’t be specific in their techniques, or mention techniques such as ‘breathing/relaxation’ as these are not part of true CBT treatment. Be sure to ask about your therapists training and background in treating anxiety. A positive sign would be membership of the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, or a member of the Association of Behavioral and Cognitive Therapists (ABCT). Look for therapists who have sought post-graduate specialized training or certification in CBT and can provide you information regarding where they received their training.


Ready To Make A Change?

GroundWork is proud to offer both in-person and virtual Telehealth appointments.



Contact our office via phone, or complete a call back request online with a time thats best for you



We learn about your goals and struggles, and match you with a specialized therapist



Whether in person or virtual, you’ll start meeting with a specialized therapist to make lasting change



CBT and ERP are goal-oriented and solution focused; it doesn’t take long to notice big changes

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