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Phobia Therapy – CBT & Exposure

At GroundWork Counseling in Orlando we are proud to offer in-person and virtual appointments specializing in evidence-based therapy for phobias. Our clinicians have significant experience, training, and expertise in the effective treatment of phobias utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and exposure therapy.

What Is A Phobia?

A phobia is a severe and irrational fear or anxiety towards a particular object, situation, or activity that is out of proportion to the risk. Phobias can significantly interfere with an individuals daily life, causing avoidance of activities they once enjoyed due to an overwhelming level of anxiety. If phobias are not treated, they can have debilitating effects on an individual’s quality of life. Without proper therapeutic intervention phobias can worsen, and lead to further avoidance and impairment of functioning.

Phobias We Treat:

  1. Fear of flying
  2. Fear of driving
  3. Fear of heights
  4. Fear of elevators
  5. Fear of needles
  6. Fear of spiders / insects
  7. Fear of snakes / reptiles
  8. Fear of specific animals (dogs, etc)
  9. Fear of enclosed spaces (claustrophobia)
  10. Fear of the dark (nyctophobia)
  11. Fear of small spaces (agoraphobia)
  12. Fear of vomit / vomiting (emetophobia)

How Are Phobias Treated?

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and exposure therapy are two evidence-based treatments that have been found to be effective in treating phobias. CBT focuses on identifying and changing unhelpful thinking patterns that lead to phobic avoidance, while exposure therapy gradually exposes the individual to their trigger in gradual and controlled environment. This process teaches the person new ways of thinking about and responding to their fear, helping them eventually overcome it. Research shows that phobias treated with CBT and exposure therapy have longer lasting effects than phobias who are treated with medication alone. Additionally, phobias treated with CBT and exposure therapy have less risk of relapse than phobias that are treated with medication.

At GroundWork Counseling in Orlando, our clinicians specialize in phobia treatment utilizing evidence-based practices such as CBT and exposure therapy both via virtual visits, and in-office appointments. When seeking therapy for a phobia its incredibly important to work with an experienced exposure therapist, this is because evidence-based CBT also utilizes gradual exposure and desensitization techniques in order to reduce the intensity of the fear response associated with the phobia. Gradual exposures involve exposing an individual to their fear in small increments until their fear response is diminished over time – a specialist will work with a patient prior to beginning exposure on education, cognitive skills, and collaboratively create a treatment plan. If phobias are causing difficulty in your life, reach out to schedule with one of our specialists.


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