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Managing Aggressive Child Behavior – At GroundWork Counseling in Orlando we often talk with parents who feel that they’ve lost control, as their child or teen begins to display aggressive behaviors. Aggressive behaviors can be a symptom of depression, sadness, or anger; feelings so intense that children can feel out of control of their emotions and unable to regulate their behavior. Orlando Counseling and therapy at Groundwork can help both children and teens to develop coping skills to more appropriately express their feelings, as well as provide a place for the child to express and work through their underlying feeling.

Our Orlando Counselors have several suggestions to reduce aggressive behavior:

–       Avoid SpankingTherapy and Counseling for aggressive behavior and anger

–       Avoid Violent or Aggressive TV or Movies

–       Avoid Violent or Aggressive Video Games

–       Use Time-Outs (as a calm down time)

–       Implement A Reward System

Aggressive and angry behaviors are often displayed at home or at school, and often occur when the child is challenging a parent or teachers authority. These aggressive behaviors do not always manifest in physical aggression, but they can also include verbal aggression, or destruction of property (slamming doors, or throwing things). Parent’s modeling behaviors and parenting style can have a significant impact on a child’s behavior and aggression. Parents who use physical punishments, yell, or become physically aggressive are at increased risk to have children with aggressive tendencies, than parents who use positive parenting approaches and model respectful interactions.

 If your child is displaying aggressive behavior or becoming verbally aggressive, counseling and therapy may be a helpful way for your child to develop new coping skills and healthier ways to express feelings. If you’re a parent feeling out of control, we’re here to help. 

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*Please Note: GroundWork Counseling does not see children who are violent. 

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