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Weight Loss And The Importance Of Keeping Realistic Goals | Q & A With An Orlando CBT Therapist 

What kinds of expectations should someone have going into their weight loss journey? 

Keeping realistic goals is essential when embarking on a weight loss journey, allowing for slip-ups is a necessary aspect to keeping healthy expectations. Individuals beginning a weight loss plan can engage in in unhelpful thought patterns such as “all or nothing thinking” – (ie. Since I ate the slice of cake, all my hard work is out the window), planning for slip-ups, and not discrediting success due to small shortcomings is all part of personal growth. Whether its missing a workout, or overindulging, it’s important to remember tomorrow is a new day – weight loss is a journey after all, not a sprint. 

Are there steps along the way that a person can “check in” mentally to make sure they are doing it for the right reasons? 

Checking in mentally throughout the process of weight loss is key. It’s important that individuals keep in mind that although they are embarking on a weight loss journey and taking courageous steps toward health and wellness, that other aspects of their life many not necessarily improve or change, and those may need to be addressed directly. Throughout the process, its important to remember that happiness is not a number on a scale, it is deeper.

Any other recommendations as to the proper mind set for losing weight without disappointment?

Unconditional self-acceptance is essential during the process of weight loss – accepting yourself where you are, while also striving toward improvement – this can actually be done simultaneously. It’s important not to get stuck in thought patterns that continually have you pushing toward the next goal, and the next, without taking a moment to appreciate your achievements and accept yourself where you are.


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