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Tips For Beating The Mid-Week Blues & Increasing Motivation
Suggestions From Orlando Therapists

Increase Productivity During The Week 

I suggest using timers and visual reminders, such as lists or a schedule. Also, setting a schedule prior to beginning your work can help keep you focused and on track throughout the duration of the day. Scheduling breaks and being diligent about the amount of time you take between tasks can help you remain on task and increase productivity – allow yourself time to recharge, but then get back to it.

Set Realistic Expectations & Ask For Help
It’s important to remember that taking time off to rest is important. It’s easy to get behind if you’re feeling exhausted from your week, but the weekend is a great time to prepare for what’s ahead while also taking time to engage in self-care, it’s all about creating balance. Remember it’s okay to delegate and prioritize – use the support systems around you to help take some of the pressure off yourself, whether it’s asking your significant other to grab the dry-cleaning, taking a day off from the gym, or ordering-in, remember you simply can’t do everything. 

Increase Motivation & Set An Intention
Motivation is personal to everyone; however, start each day with an intention and specific goal in mind. Also, it can be helpful to not only create a “to do list” but also create a “done list” – this helps you acknowledge each accomplishment in your day and encourage you to forge ahead.

Set Time Aside For Rest
Schedule time for each area that is important in your life and also set aside time to do things you enjoy so that you can recharge. For some people lists are helpful, others may find phone calendars, planners, or apps helpful, find what works for you, and encourages you. Prioritizing goals is key incase you don’t get to everything.

Check-In If You’re Feeling Out Of The Ordinary
If your feeling unmotivated for an extended period of time, or if you get enough sleep but continue to feel groggy and run-down, it could be a sign of a potentially bigger issue. You know your body, so trust your instincts, it may be that you need to amp up your self-care, take a weekend trip, or visit your doctor or therapist for a check-in appointment. 


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