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Orlando Grief Counseling & Therapy

grief therapyOrlando Grief Counseling at GroundWork Counseling helps individuals process grief and loss in a safe and compassionate environment.  Grief therapy can be a helpful for people to overcome challenges related to loss, grief, and distress.  Our Orlando Grief Counselors and Orlando Grief Therapists can help individuals  work through negative memories and painful emotions related to grief, loss, and bereavement.

Often, when we lose a loved one, we experience not only the loss of a loved one, but the loss of hopes and dreams for the future, forcing us to grieve with what has ended and what will now never be.  Many grieving people struggle with feelings of depression, with fear and loneliness and with living a life that now has a lack of meaning.  Individuals may suffer with feelings of guilt over things that were said or left unsaid and things they should have done or should not have done, resulting in feelings of intense anger and/or deep sadness.

To grieve is a natural process in response to the loss of something meaningful in our lives. The grief process may be triggered by the loss of a loved one, but also experiencing declining health of a loved one. If grief is blocked, many psychologists suggest that it will often show up eventually in its own way (from emotional outbursts to becoming physical ill).

Working with a counselor through the grieving process can help clients to feel emotionally supported while providing a safe and confidential outlet for their grieving to take place. Clients also benefit from learning to put a name to what they may be experiencing, normalizing their emotions, understanding more about healthy forms of grieving, and learning where they are in the process.

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