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Psychologists state that whether in business, politics or sports, that most major successes can be attributed to a team effort rather than individual efforts, and we agree! Soccer remains the most popular sport in the world and yesterday Germany won it’s fourth World Cup title against Argentina in a last minute score as Mario Götze scored the only goal of the game. Although Götze was the individual who broke a scoreless tie against Argentina in the 113th minute, it was the effort of the entire team that ensured the win. “It’s unbelievable what we have achieved. Whether we have the best individual player doesn’t matter at all, you just need to have the best team,” states Mario Götze. At GroundWork Counseling in Orlando we recognize that in order to get along in the workplace, in family situations or in sports, one must be able to play well with others. According to psychologists, being a team player means that you have the social skills necessary to have healthy, open relationships with others so that collectively you can get done what you need to get done, whether that is keeping a company running, planning a family vacation or winning the World Cup title. Strong team players are the foundation of any team. So what qualities does it take to make a good team player? Sports psychologists describe the following traits that make a good team player great: 

  • A team player displays sincere loyalty to the team.
  • A team player is always reliable.
  • A team player does more than is asked of him/her.
  • A team player is flexible and can adapt quickly and effortlessly.
  • A team player is confident and communicates clearly.
  • A team player treats others respectfully.

German soccer coach, Joachim Löw developed a strong team that was able to adapt to a variety of circumstances, was prepared to work hard and was ready to do whatever it took to win. He states: “It was our great strength to have continually improved through all those years. If anyone deserved this, it was this team. Today, there was only one deserved winner and that was this team”.  At GroundWork Counseling in Orlando we encourage you to put the team’s objectives above your own if you want to be part of the winning team.

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