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Is Work Intruding On Your Home Life?
Orlando Family Therapist Shares Insights & Suggestions

Orlando Family Therapists at GroundWork Counseling in Orlando, find that clients struggle with balance in our home and work life, and know how importance balance can be. We understand that you have a commitment to your career, AND we want to have the best possible relationship with our partner and family. Our Orlando Counselors at GroundWork Counseling share some insights, and suggest several ways that you can approach this challenge to find ways that may help bring balance to your life.

1. Balance does not mean both sides receive 50-50 all the time. There will be work deadlines or a sick child, times when one part of your life will take priority over the other. Strive for the optimal balance most of the time. Be flexible and understand that the pendulum swings one way or the other at different times.

2. Do not have to feel guilty about being ambitious and wanting to move up the career ladder. These are traits of successful people. They help you work hard, get promoted and increase your earning power. In turn, your family will benefit from the added income. However, make sure that you family knows that they are important to you too.

3. Our Orlando Family Therapists suggest that when there are time-sensitive demands at work like a project deadline, talk to your family about them, be open and tell them what is going on, for how long you will need their patience and support while you devote extra time to work – this can increase communication and understanding in the home.

4. Maintain good boundaries from work when you are with your family. Make sure that emails/texts/phone calls do not intrude on your family time, e.g. mealtimes. It is reasonable to set aside time to check your messages while you are home. However, be careful about giving the message to your family that you are emotionally and mentally “always” at work, even when you are home.

5. Counselors will encourage you to understand the value of being at school plays, school open houses, driving the kids to birthday parties. Your involvement in these everyday things means a lot to children, and can help them feel connected to you.

6. Find out if you can arrange to telecommute/work from home if a child is home sick from school. Whenever possible, support your partner in sharing the workload of caring for children and transporting them. It makes a big difference to how much the child feels they are worth to you.

7. A therapist may recommend that you take the kids to your workplace and show them where you work.  In terms they can understand, explain what you do. Ask them to give you something – an action figure or a homemade craft that you can keep in your office. You could tell them you keep them in your heart even when you are away from them.

8. When looking for a new position, research your prospective company’s policies regarding being family friendly – maternity/paternity leave, personal days off, flex time, telecommuting, on-site day care. Check the list of top family-friendly companies.

Steve Blank, the author of The Startup Owner’s Manual, gave this advice to entrepreneurs: “When you’re gone would you rather have your gravestone say, ‘He never missed a meeting.’ Or one that said, ‘He was a great father (or parent)’”
Our Orlando Family Counselors at GroundWork emphasize that it is up to each individual to work out the details so that both parts of your life – work and family, can flourish and bring you both happiness and fulfillment.

If work and family balance are difficult in your life, you may benefit from working with our experienced Orlando Counselors at GroundWork Counseling – we’re happy to help you find a balance and harmony in your life, and in your household.


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