Family Therapy & Parent Coaching

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Parenting can be the most wonderful, yet also the most difficult job in the world. From the time your child is born until the college years, your relationship with your child is a special and often challenging one. GroundWork Counseling offers a solution-focused approach to family therapy and provides parenting support to addresses a range of problems such as anxiety, depression, acting out behaviors, cutting behaviors, anger outbursts, etc. Patterns, particularly around areas of conflict, are identified and goals for therapy are established. We work on helping all family members think and act more adaptively and develop insight empathy and respect for one another so that the family environment is more peaceful and calm and overall family functioning is improved.

At GroundWork Counseling, our family therapist works with all types of families, as we understand that families come in many configurations – nuclear families, families of divorce, blended families, single-parent households, same-sex parents, or grandparents or other relatives as heads of household


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