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Tending To Your Relationship Garden This Valentines Day

improving your relationship, couples therapy, relationship counselingIf you have been in a mall or drugstore, you have been reminded that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Go ahead, look at the array of the array of red, flowered cuteness on display and make your selection. The card, flowers, candy, jewelry. Don’t stop there – take a moment to think about your romantic relationship. Is there anything that could make it more fulfilling and satisfying?
Couples often seek professional help because their relationship has stopped being enjoyable. They have each fallen into bad habits – not communicating, taking each other for granted, stopped doing special thoughtful things for each other, reaching to other people for understanding and enjoyment.

You can think of it as an overgrown garden. The gardeners are not taking care of it. The protective mulch is long gone. Weeds have taken hold. Some plants have perished from neglect. Others have spots and fungus on their leaves. This garden doesn’t bring pleasure and the honeybees do not come around anymore.

Couples counseling is an excellent way to reestablish and tend to your “relationship garden.” Together, how do you work on this garden to make it beautiful again for both of you? Better communication skills? More time together? Apologizing for past hurts? More small gestures of love?

Sometimes couples wait too long before seeking professional help. As you know, it is much more difficult to revive an almost-dead plant than one that is the early stages of wilting. Short-term early intervention is very effective in helping restore relationships. A few short months of discussing your hopes and goals can bring excellent results.

At GroundWork we specialize in helping couples work together to make their relationship-garden healthy again. We will help you see design your ideal garden together – what do you want from this relationship? In a supportive, encouraging environment you will work together to clean up this garden and even plant new seeds. You will be co-gardeners, working together on a joint project that is going to make you both happier.

Use this Valentine’s Day as a reminder of what you want in your romantic relationship. Understand that you can take steps to make it better. You can reach towards each other. You can feel connected and secure. You can talk to each other about whatever is important to you. You can ask for what you want from each other.

Our office welcomes couples of all ages and relationships. Whether you are spouses, partners, LGBT, living together or apart – our couples and relationship therapist will customize tools for you.

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