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Can You Benefit From Depression Therapy?

depression help Orlando Depression Counselors report that many people with depression never get the help they need even though their symptoms of depression greatly impairs their daily functioning. At GroundWork Counseling, depression counselors in Orlando state that depression can vary from mild to more severe. Depression has a range of symptoms that include loss of interest in activities, loss of energy, difficulty concentrating, withdrawal from other people, irritability, feelings of hopelessness, loss of appetite, self-criticism as well as physical complaints. Although depression can be devastating for some, depression counselors in Orlando affirm that depression is highly treatable. Treatment that consists of a combination of mood-stabilizing medication coupled with cognitive behavioral therapy has been found to be particularly effective.

The cognitive model of depression emphasizes that the symptoms of depression are increased or maintained by cognitive distortions and negative thinking styles. According to renowned CBT psychologist, Aaron Beck, the depressed person experiences negative views about himself, about his experiences and about the future. These thoughts are supported by the individual’s distorted automatic thoughts and beliefs. Thus, the way the depressed individual thinks greatly contributes to his depression. Some of these negative thinking styles are described below:


  • All or Nothing Thinking. You see things in black or white. If your performance isn’t perfect, you consider yourself a total failure.
  • Overgeneralizing. You see a pattern that is based on a single event. When something goes wrong, you think that nothing good ever happens.
  • Mental Filter. You only pay attention to the negative details and dwell on the negativity so your viewpoint of reality becomes darkened.
  • Disqualifying the Positive. You negate positive experiences by insisting that they don’t count.
  • Jumping to Conclusions. You make negative interpretations even though you do not have evidence to support your conclusion. This includes:

Mind Reading. Imaging you already know what others are thinking.

Fortune Telling. Predicting the future and feeling convinced that your    prediction is a fact.

  • Catastrophizing and Minimization. You blow things out of proportion or inappropriately shrink something to make it less important.
  • Emotional Reasoning. Assuming that because you feel a certain way, it must then be true.
  • Shoulding and Musting. Using critical words like should, must and ought to make yourself feel guilty or like a failure. Directing should and must statements towards others, leading to feelings of frustration, anger and resentment.
  • Labeling. Attaching a negative label to yourself or others, such as “I’m a complete loser” or “He’s a damn idiot”.
  • Personalization. Seeing yourself as the cause of a negative event and blaming yourself for something that wasn’t entirely your fault. This could also be blaming others for something that was your fault.


Orlando Depression Counselors find that the negative thinking styles described above greatly contribute to an individual’s depression. Many people with depression get stuck on their negative thoughts and feelings. Orlando depression counselors at GroundWork Counseling treat depression by identifying and addressing the thinking patterns and behaviors that cause and sustain depression.   Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for depression can give you the tools to think more realistically so you can feel better.


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