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Orlando Depression Counseling & Therapy

Orlando depression counselor at GroundWork Counseling in Maitland, located between Lake Mary and Winter Park states that depression is a common problem for many of their clients seeking counseling in the Orlando area.

Statistics indicate that one out of eight individuals will experience depression in their lifetime.  Depression can be described as a state of low mood and a loss of interest or pleasure in activities that were previously enjoyed.  Brief periods of depression can occur in response to certain life events or depression can become chronic, lasting for long periods of time.  Depression can have negative effects on an individual’s relationships, work or school life, as well as eating and sleeping habits.  Depression can affect one’s overall well-being by influencing how a person thinks, feels and acts.  A period of depression that has significant symptoms and lasts longer than two weeks is diagnosed as Major Depressive Disorder.  A less severe but more chronic form of depression is known as Dysthymic Disorder with which the symptoms last for a period of two years or more.

orlando depression counselor, orlando depression counseling, winter park therapist for depression, am I depressed?When treating clients with depression at GroundWork Counseling, depression therapists utilize cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) methods for adults and children.  Cognitive behavioral therapy for depression has been found to be extremely effective.  By first identifying the distorted or irrational negative thinking patterns that cause depression, then questioning the accuracy and truth of these thoughts, the client and therapist can come up with more balanced, rational replacement thoughts.  With practice, this teaches individuals who are depressed to learn to manage their depression-related thoughts, moods and behaviors.  Depression counselors also encourage their clients to recognize what they value in life and begin to work toward developing deeper interpersonal relationships and meaningful activities.

Orlando Counseling for depression at GroundWork can also help individuals to make meaning from  difficult situations and learn valuable life lessons from the suffering or sorrow one has endured.  Counseling for depression can teach us to think, believe and behave differently when stressful situations occur and life delivers us blows.  At GroundWork Counseling located in Maitland, Florida,  we believe that depression counseling can help you to develop a more positive outlook on life, overcome negative beliefs, triumph over low self-esteem, and resolve past hurts.


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