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As woman’s counselor at GroundWork Counseling in Orlando, I have found that many women struggle with writing a good online dating profile.  Your online profile might be ‘good enough’ but if you aren’t getting the type of response you want, chances are, your profile could use a makeover.  Putting together a good online profile takes time and effort and shouldn’t be done haphazardly.  As the saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a good first impression.  Your online dating profile is the first impression you will make on a potential date, so it’s important that it is well-written, attention-grabbing and sincere and that it includes top-notch photographs. 

How To Write An Online Dating Profile, Online Dating Profile Tips, Online Dating Help

I suggest you take some time to organize your thoughts and come up with some ideas about what makes you special.  Make a list.  Think about your qualities, characteristics, values, beliefs and hobbies.  I advise that you keep it real and present yourself honestly.  For instance, don’t write that you are outdoorsy and athletic if the last time you exercised or went on a hike was back in high school.   Don’t say you’re 40 when you’re 50. If you have children, be sure to mention them.  Some women are afraid to mention that they have children for fear of being rejected.  However, your children are an important part of your life and it’s better to know if a man is accepting of children sooner rather than later.   Keep your profile sincere and honest. The lack of honesty in dating profiles is legendary – many people will say just about anything to attract a potential partner – don’t be one of them.

Keep your profile brief.  Most men aren’t interested in reading a long essay about your life.  They are more interested in a short, honest description of your attitude, interests and qualities.

How To Write An Online Dating Profile, Women Online Dating Help

Include great pictures.  Men are visual creatures so no matter how well your profile is written, if your picturesaren’t great, most men will never even bother reading what you’ve written.  It’s sad, but true.  This doesn’t mean that you have to be a Victoria Secret model, however,  it does mean that your pictures should be current, flattering as possible, and should make you look warm, approachable, and happy.  I highly recommend that you have a professional photographer take a great headshot that you can use as your profile picture.  Then complete the picture gallery by adding photographs of you doing activities you enjoy or spending time outdoors, if you’ve mentioned that in your profile.  I suggest that you avoid pictures from which you’ve cropped out other people but still show that person’s arm or hand.  I also suggest that women avoid adding photos of your children, as such pictures could attract potential pedophiles and also invades your children’s privacy.

Add a little dash of humor, when appropriate and allow your sparkling personality to shine through.  Present yourself as confidently as possible and let prospective partners see that you are excited and passionate about life.   Speak positively about yourself so that that a potential date can see that you are self-confident and optimistic and that your life has purpose and is fulfilled with our without a mate, but that a special some one in your life would make it even better.

About The Author:
Marion Plessner Rodrigue provides Women’s Counseling and Women’s Therapy Services at GroundWork Counseling in the Orlando area. She also provides distance counseling to individuals who are not located within the Central Florida Community.

To speak with Marion, contact GroundWork Counseling at 407-378-3000.


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