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At GroundWork Counseling in the Winter Park / Orlando area, we know that being a teenager isn’t easy, and raising a teen isn’t either.  As a matter of fact, the teen years are often considered the most challenging time in the life cycle, and parents are often faced with teens acting out or displaying concerning behaviors.  It is quite common for anxiety, depression, anger, school problems, eating issues, relationship difficulties and other troubles to begin during this vulnerable period.  Many teenagers feel alone and misunderstood and even though teenagers may have a support system and many personal strengths, teens will often feel so overwhelmed and stressed they may not be able to effectively tap into their resources.

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 Ironically, teenagers are also known for pushing their families away during adolescence, when in fact, their families could be a source of their greatest support and strength during this time.  Parents are perplexed.  Why has their child suddenly become so moody, demanding, defiant, reckless and annoying?  A simple explanation might be that developmentally, teenagers are expected to explore limits and assert their independence as they begin to individuate from their parents.  Unfortunately that often means that even though teenagers still rely on their parents for financial support, shelter and security, they rebel against everything their parents stand for.  Often this time period is just as difficult for parents as it is for teenagers!

At GroundWork Counseling, located in Maitland, with easy access from Lake Mary, Winter Park and Orlando, we have specialists with years of experience in helping teenagers overcome barriers to success in school, with relationships and with self-esteem as well as supporting parents as they learn to cope with the difficulties of raising a teenager.  Our experience working with teens and parents at a therapeutic treatment center has taught us much, however, it is the talent of our teen therapists that allows us to make a real difference.  Because teens are approached in a caring, positive way, we can help teenagers to find ways to identify their strengths, focus on their resources and begin to increase their successes.  Through the use of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), teens learn to become more successful in identifying dysfunctional thoughts and beliefs, managing feelings and solving problems, which in turn, helps to decrease anxiety, depression, frustration, anger and sadness.   Our teen therapists are dedicated to helping each teen to learn tools and skills that contribute to a strong foundation to their future.   Cognitive behavioral therapy helps teenagers to not only survive, but thrive during the tumultuous teen years by helping teens to take a fresh look at themselves and their situation, find useful ways to solve problems, learn to overcome obstacles, and begin to capably navigate the road to becoming an adult.

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