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Orlando Premarital Counseling
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Getting married? Congratulations!

All couples begin their life together with a strong commitment and each couple has the intention of making their relationship a success. Yet statistically, nearly 50% of all marriages end up in divorce. Most couples enter into a commitment with unrealistic expectations about relationships and marriage, which is often promoted by popular culture, media and myths. In addition, many individuals don’t have good relationship role models, and often, old patterns are repeated.

Why Attend PreMartial Counseling?

Pre-marital counseling can help strengthen and nurture relationships before marriage. It is a form of therapy that focuses on exploring both partners’ strengths, weaknesses, and expectations for the future. Through pre-marriage counseling, couples can get to know each other better in an understanding, non-judgmental setting. This type of counseling helps people identify potential sources of conflict and provides guidance on how to address them effectively as a couple. Additionally, pre-marriage counseling encourages communication between partners in order to build trust and create common ground for resolving disputes. Ultimately, pre-marital counseling is an excellent way for couples to learn more about one another and create strong foundations for their relationship that will last well into the future.

“Hot topics” such as children, family, sex, in-laws, finances and career can be discussed in the counseling sessions in order to gain understanding of each other’s expectations, goals. Pre-martial counseling is a great way to create an environment where both partners can talk openly without fear of judgement or criticism, and address these topics in a proactive manner. Therpy can help provide insights into how couples deal with stress and difficult situations as well as building trust and intimacy. With pre-marital counseling, couples can start off their marriage by laying a solid foundation for their life together.

By investing time and energy into pre-marriage counseling couples will be able to gain valuable insight into their relationship and set themselves up for success. This type of therapy provides support throughout the process so that both parties feel heard, respected, and understood.

What Does Pre-Martial Therapy Involve?

At GroundWork Counseling, premarital counseling sessions are religion-neutral / non-denominational, and are designed to give you and your spouse-to-be a road map to a successful marriage. Pre-marital counseling is offered to heterosexual and same-sex couple. Pre-marital counseling is offered as a series of 10-12 sessions, covering 5 main topics.

The sessions are comprised of the following sections:
  • Initial session / topic 1Introductions & History. An information gathering session that focuses on how the couple met, why they are getting married and explores family history.
  • Topic 2. Family. In these sessions, the couple will explore what “family” means to the couple. This will include a focus on in-laws, having children, parenting styles and the importance of common values.
  • Topic 3. Communication.   These sessions emphasize how to get one’s needs met, empathetic listening, validation and barrier’s to self-expression.
  • Topic 4. Conflict Management. Contrary to popular belief, all happy couples fight. Here we will explore the Gottman’s 4 Horsemen and learn the art of compromise.
  • Topic 5. Finances. Setting financial goals, short and long term financial planning, and budgeting will be topic of the session.
  • Topic 6. Friendship & Intimacy. Research on the importance of friendship and intimacy will be discussed and we will learn how to keep the fires burning.

According to the latest research, the most valuable investment you can make in the long-term success of your relationship is to attend pre-marital counseling. Research shows that those who attend premarital counseling were better off than 80% of couples who decided against counseling! Also, couples who attend therapy after they are married, report increase satisfaction, communication skills, and reduction of negative conflict. Overall, this will be a decision that you and your partner make together. At GroundWork, our couples therapists are here, and ready to help equip you with the tools to build a strong foundation. Give yourself the best wedding present you will ever get by attending premarital counseling!

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