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Moving can be a stressful process. This stress may be caused by a variety of factors such as time constraints, financial considerations, and the physical and psychological effort required to move all of one’s belongings. Studies have shown that moving is one of the top three most stressful life events. It has been reported that up to 70% of people experience stress related to moving, with the most common symptoms being anxiety, fatigue and difficulty concentrating. Moreover, moving can be especially stressful if it involves moving to a new town or city, as moving involves not only finding a new home but also adjusting to a whole new lifestyle.

How To Decrease Stress Associated With Moving (tips from a therapist)

  • Plan ahead
  • Make lists
  • If possible, get help from professionals to assist
  • Stay organized
  • Take breaks and get enough rest
  • Do not rush the moving process
  • Remind yourself that moving is a new beginning
  • Stay as positive as possible
  • Get enough sleep
  • Communicate with family and friends throughout the moving process
  • Ask for help and support when needed
  • Make an appointment with your therapist / counselor for support
  • Stay mindful and do stress-relieving activities
  • Engage in self care (even if its 10-15 minutes a day)

Moving and Mental Health

It is important to take steps to alleviate moving stress, as it can negatively impact mental health. Taking the above steps above can help mitigate moving related stress and make the moving process more manageable. Furthermore, its important to seek professional help if you are experiencing considerable stress / anxiety. Working with a CBT therapist may be beneficial in managing moving related stress by changing unhelpful thinking patterns and introducing effective strategies to manage stress. Ultimately, moving involves change and change is often stressful – however its possible to decrease moving related stress with planning, organization, self-care, and support.

If you feel that you’d benefit from working with a CBT therapist during your time of transition, GroundWork Counseling in Orlando is here to help. Our experienced and compassionate therapists can provide guidance, support, and effective strategies to reduce moving related stress and improve self care.

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