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The Salt Room Orlando - Holistic HealthFeeling Sick? Try Natural Help for Cold and Flu Season!I left the GroundWork Counseling offices yesterday feeling quite unwell.  I rarely get sick, but this day, my body and head ached, my lungs felt congested and I had the chills.  I went home, crawled into bed and endured a night of restless sleep, waking myself with fits of coughing.  When my daughter called this morning, I told her just how terribly I was feeling and she suggested I go to the Salt Room.  Courtney visits the Salt Room frequently because the kids she counsels frequently have runny noses, sniffles and sneezes and she feels that regular visits to the Salt Room help keep her immune system healthy.

I took her advice and booked a session at the Salt Room for a session of halotherapy. “Halotherapy”, also known as salt therapy, has been shown in clinical studies to reduce inflammation of the respiratory tract.  It helps to clear mucus and reduces the frequency of asthma attacks and because of the natural anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties of salt, the treatment also reduces skin inflammation, clears out pollutants from the lungs and boosts the immune system.  The treatment is all natural as well as drug- and side-effect free, so it is right up my ally!

When I arrived at the Salt Room, I was warmly greeted by Katie and lead to a peaceful, pretty waiting room where I sat for a few minutes, completed the necessary paperwork and enjoyed a cup of hot tea that helped to soothe my sore throat.  A few minutes later, Katie gave me disposable footwear and escorted me to the room for my salt therapy experience.  The walls and floor of the room were entirely coated in salt, quiet spa music was playing, the room was softly lit and fine particles of salt were being dispersed into the air through a state-of-the-art halogenerator.  I was seated in a comfortable zero-gravity chair and although I was armed with a magazine and my ever-present I-phone (set on vibrate, of course), I was soon so relaxed and tranquil that I simply closed my eyes, breathed in the salty air and dozed off.  My 45-minute session was over before I knew it.  I left the Salt Room rested and breathing easier.  On my drive home I had some “productive” coughs, which let me know that mucus was clearing from my lungs and airways and that I was on my way to recovering.  I plan to return to the Salt Room often, not only when I am feeling under the weather, but simply to practice self-care that is calming, restorative and immune boosting.

Those of you with children will be happy to hear that the Salt Room also has a kid-centric salt therapy room that is set up like a playroom, complete with a miniature kitchen, slide, art table, puzzles and other toys.  Children simply play while breathing in healing, microscopic salt particles.  The Salt Room also offers other services such as craniosacral therapy, acupuncture, massage, facials and yoga classes.

Feeling Sick? Give Them A Try!

The Salt Room
(407) 965-3065 

1804 North Mills Avenue Orlando, Florida 32803
Photos From Marion’s Experience at The Salt Room!

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