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Teen depression is an important area of focus at GroundWork Counseling in Orlando.  Our teen depression counselor offers adolescents a safe, supportive environment where he or she can process the intense feelings that sometimes accompany a teenager’s transition from childhood to adulthood.

Your teenager may benefit from teen depression counseling if he or she is displaying any of the following symptoms:

  • unusually moody, sad or withdrawnChild and Teen depression help, counseling, and therapy in Central Florida (Orlando)
  • acting self-destructively
  • having a difficult time managing feelings
  • unable to communicate with family members
  • behaving recklessly
  • abusing drugs and/or alcohol
  • experiencing difficulties in school

The adolescent years are a time of incredible growth as well as countless challenges that can lead to teen depression.  At GroundWork Counseling in Maitland, we believe that teens can benefit from having a space in which they can safely express themselves, be heard, and find solutions.  Our teen therapist has extensive experience helping teens through this challenging phase of life and to find healthy and helpful tools for coping with teen depression and sadness. GroundWork Counseling is honored to provide a warm, respectful, nonjudgmental and trusting environment for youth and their families, and offer support and guidance during this sometime turbulent period of transition and change.  




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