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Premarital Therapy – Why Is Premarital Counseling Helpful For Couples?

At GroundWork Counseling in Orlando, our Orlando marriage and couples counselors and Orlando relationship therapists feel strongly that orlando pre-marital counseling and therapy can help couples to build a strong foundation for a healthy marriage.   Pre-marital counseling can help couples:

  • Develop more effective communication
  • Learn to honor, respect and accept differences
  • Learn to resolve conflicts
  • Understand how family of origin history may affect your relationship
  • Discuss expectations regarding finances and careers
  • Clarify views on infidelity
  • Discuss having children and how you will raise them
  • Define your commitment to marriage
  • Become aware of challenges before they become major issues
  • Define the role will religion have in your life

Several studies have suggested that couples who participate in pre-marital counseling and therapy have a lower than average divorce rate.  As a matter of fact, a 2006 study published by Stanley, Amato and Markham from the University of Denver found that premarital counseling and therapy reduced the rate of divorce by thirty percent.  This is an important conclusion, as nearly fifty percent of couples end up divorcing and divorce rates for subsequent marriages have been found to be even higher.

Pre-Maritial Counseling in Orlando at GroundWork Counseling
Pre-Maritial Counseling in Orlando at GroundWork Counseling – Can It Help You?

Couples and relationship counselors at GroundWork Counseling in Orlando state that premarital counseling can help a couple to get to know each other better by learning more about each other’s character, family history and expectations.  Premarital counseling will help couples prepare for marriage, identify potential red flags and help protect couples against future heartache.

Authors: The GroundWork Counseling Orlando Therapists and Counselors

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