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Located near Orlando, Florida, Orlando marriage therapists and couples counselors at GroundWork Counseling in Maitland, can help you and your partner overcome marital and relationship problems before it’s too late.  Studies have shown that most couples wait approximately six years after their troubles begin to seek couples therapy or marriage counseling.  By this time, the marriage or partnership is often in deep distress, making counseling efforts more difficult.  Most marriage counselors would agree that couples have a better chance of being helped if they seek counseling earlier.  If you haven’t been successful in solving your marital problems on your own, a marriage or couples counselor can assist you in working through troubling issues and can help you to reconnect.

Couple In Therapy GroundWork Counseling’s Orlando marriage therapist and couples counselor help couples confront common areas of concern, including:

  • Commitment Issues
  • Communication Problems
  • Remarriage and Divorce
  • Infidelity and Affairs
  • Emotional Safety
  • Resentment Issues

GroundWork Counseling’s Orlando couples counselor provides a safe, supportive environment so you can work on repairing your relationship and recapturing the love you’ve been longing for with your partner.  Couples therapy can help you to end negative cycles, improve communication, and establish a high level of emotional safety and intimacy.  Whether you have just started to experience relationship difficulties or you are ready to throw in the towel, remember that it’s never too late to repair your relationship.  Couples counseling and therapy can help you to find lasting happiness once again.


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