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Orlando Anxiety Therapy | Are You Anxiety Prone?

Orlando Anxiety Counselors and therapists at GroundWork Counseling, have found that anxious individuals tend to have certain personality traits in common, this is also evidence supported by psychologists research. Some of these personality traits are positive and some, are less helpful.
Some include:

  • Emotional sensitivity
  • Empathy
  • Intuitiveness
  • Friendliness
  • Creativity

Most anxiety therapists who work with individuals suffering from anxiety will agree that the less positive traits, which create more of a challenge for individuals, and tend to aggravate anxiety, consist of:

  • Excessive need for approval
  • Excessive need for control
  • Perfectionism

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Need for Approval

Our Orlando Anxiety Counselors find that many people with anxiety are overly concerned what others may think of them, tend to focus on pleasing others while ignoring their own needs and feelings, and have a tendency to look for validation from others.  Typically, these individuals have a difficult time setting boundaries and saying no, which can often contribute to suppressed feelings of resentment and frustration.  This tendency to put others’ needs before ones’ own needs can often lead to codependency, whereby the individual’s self-esteem hinges on how well he or she pleases or takes care of others.   Because feelings of anger, resentment and unmet needs often remain unconscious, they commonly resurface as anxiety.

Need for Control

Individuals with anxiety often want everything in life to be extremely ordered and predictable.  According to Orlando counselors and Orlando psychologists who treat anxiety, this excessive need for control is often caused by a traumatic personal history.  If an individual has lived through frightening or chaotic experiences in which they felt vulnerable or powerless, the individual may grow up to feel vigilant and defensive and go to great lengths to maintain control over his or her life.


Perfectionistic individuals tend to have unrealistically high expectations for themselves, for others and about life.  These individuals are often overly concerned with perceived flaws and mistakes about themselves and they discount their achievements which leads to feelings of anxiety.  For the most part, perfectionistic people tend to focus on what’s wrong and often disregard what’s right.   Psychologists and therapists who treat individuals with anxiety find that perfectionism is often the cause for low self-esteem. And because the perfectionistic individual is very critical of himself and his efforts and is often convinced that nothing is ever good enough, perfectionism can often be the cause of anxiety.

Orlando Anxiety Counselors at GroundWork Counseling in Orlando, who work with anxious individuals, find that these three traits –  need for approval, need for control and perfectionism – are shared by many people who suffer from anxiety.  Becoming aware of these characteristics in yourself may the first step to gaining insight and may provide the motivation to learn more about anxiety and how Orlando anxiety counseling at GroundWork can help.

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