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Parenting Help in Orlando - Angry FamilyAt GroundWork Counseling in Orlando, we have unique insight into the challenges parents can face. Marion Rodrigue was the founder of a therapeutic school for troubled teens and as the center’s president and director, Marion created and oversaw all aspects of the program.  She was personally dedicated to making the center a world leader in the treatment of struggling teens and restoring family unity and she incorporated concepts, therapies and enrichment programs that had never before merged within a treatment program. Some examples of these are:  Native American culture studies, equestrian, canine, art, horticulture, culinary and other enrichment and experiential programs as well as strong counseling and educational foundations. Because of her imagination and passion for helping families, the center became a successful, nationally recognized treatment facility.

Now Marion brings the passion, insight and wisdom gained from working with hundreds of hurting families to her work with Central Florida’s parents as owner of GroundWork Counseling.  Along with a strong team of supportive counselors, therapists at GroundWork strive to help parents discover effective parenting strategies and communication skills that will help exchange their children’s bad behaviors for positive behaviors and create a secure and compassionate home environment.

Upset Child - Divorce CounselingWith divorce, single parenting, and teen violence on the rise in America, parents are not only looking for answers, but for reasons for their children’s rebellious behaviors.  GroundWork offers unique perspective and teaches parents how to cope with disobedience and how to gain control of the home. At GroundWork we can help show parents how to set up boundaries that protect children, teens and their parents to reduce stress levels, resolve conflicts, and provide physiological and psychological safety for the entire family.

GroundWork offers parent counseling and coaching for the following parenting issues:

• Blended Family Issues
• Behavioral Issues
• Academic Concerns
• Adjusting to Change / Life Transitions
• Adoption Issues
• Anger
• Anxiety
• Attachment Issues
• Aspergers Syndrome
• Blended Family Issues
• Communication Problems
• Divorce Adjustment
• Family Challenges
• LGBT Issues (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender)
• Lack of Motivation
• Mood Swings
• Tantrums and Acting Out
• Negative Peer Influence
• Distancing Themselves From The Family
• Lying and Stealing
• Abusing Substances
• Disengaged Families
• Greif
• Children Starting School
• Communication Difficulties
• Divorce or Separation
• Family Conflicts
• Parenting Struggles

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